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I saw that being able to create pages is listed in the request features list, just would like to point that for this to work will also be needed to have master pages and columns and FIELDS management, for some reason indesign, as pagemaker did, only have a good columns management but for a good rich publication will be good to be able to create the entire cross and the in between fields.

Just a thought :)

Joaquim Berenguer



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The "Pages" that you are talking about is more inline with features that will be a part of Affinity's Publisher application that will be be released as a beta (possibly) next year. The pages on the "Features Roadmap" for Designer are a little different. Your suggestions would be more appropriate for the forthcoming Publisher app but I'm not aware that they are taking feature requests for it as of yet (maybe they are but I haven't seen anything indicating that yet). 



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