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Feature Request: layer variables and repeats

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Hi all, 

I really like using the Affinity apps, specially on the iPad, and when I use multiple adjustment layers, I find myself wishing that there was some way to declare a universal variable. For example, if I use an adjustment layer with a threshold of 40% three times, I have to set the threshold number for each one manually, and if I am adjusting it in the future, I need to go back and re-do each one (and on the iPad, getting to the number isn't exactly the easiest thing - one wrong tap, and you'll need to start over). It'd be great if I just declare one variable of 40%, and if I change that variable later, all the instances just change. The use of Symbols is already far more sophisticated than this. This, I am hoping, is a simpler addition. 

Which leads me to my second feature request - declaring multiple repeats of a group of layers. For example, I create an effect that comes from four adjustment layers in sequence. I'd like to repeat that effect 5 times. Which isn't difficult until I need to change it in the future. Then I'd have to start over. What if one could declare that this group should be applied 5 times? 

Thanks for considering this. 


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  • Staff

Hi Docs Ricky,

Thanks for the suggestion, this isn't quite the same though this might help somewhat..

If you copy an item, you can paste the style/fx only onto another item by going to the 3 dots at the top left and pasting style/fx.


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Hi Lee,  thanks for the suggestion but no it’s not quite the same. Basically it doesn’t help on the editability - surely many of us have designs that we alter for multiple purposes. This would entail manually going through and finding the parameters one at a time. Actually, in situations with multiple parameters in the same layer like this I more often just create a symbol and distribute it. But what I am asking for is more granular - a parameter shared between multiple adjustment layers that can be adjusted later. 

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