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Textured pack 01 Intensity brushes

Craig Deeley

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I am a moderately new user… and totally new to the forum.

My background with digitally created art goes back to 1990.

I am always on the look out for art driven and digitally practical applications.

Affinity Designer is a welcome revival (in the making) of something like the old Creature House Expression3 (E3) vector/raster hybrid art application. (Even the early Microsoft Acrylic beta application… the last real upgrade of a great piece of art creation software.)

I continue to use Expression3. Tho software and hardware updates are making this more and more difficult. Some samples of art created with E3 here. Affinity Designer is on its way to making a brilliant approach to digital art creation a renewed reality. Thank you to the developers!


I am posting here to share some custom Textured brushes for Affinity Designer:

CD_Textured_pack01 (zip file - 30+mb)

These are almost entirely remakes of custom brushes I created for E3 back in 2004-2007.

This set was developed with a moderately organic, mostly water based pigment like art approach in mind. There is a big variety of brush "looks" included. None of these are strictly emulations of traditional art effects. Each is a little "digital" in its own way.


Example images of the strokes are attached here.

Hope the user base here finds them interesting and useful.







My Portfolio site:



My art related blog:


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I can only run Expression3 on an older Mac or a osx 10.6 partition on a newer osx 10.8 Mac Mini. 

The older Mac with osx 10.5 runs E3 flawlessly - tho I had to apply a hack to a preference file to make my Wacom tablets work with the older software.

The Partition on a newer Mac Mini is running osx 10.6.8 - but is a little "odd" feeling. Still works fine - but is just slightly funny feeling.


I have several other sets of E3 brushes I have made into Affinity Textured brushes. I will share as I get them up and available.

They are actually made from the source images I made the E3 brushes from - so other than being inverted - they share exactly the same qualities as the old E3 versions.


I didn't share the E3 brushes back in the early 2000's… There was really no forum for sharing like that at the time… I wish I had been able to tho.

E3 was great software and still is. Very much an artists software. Created by people who made art as well as excellent programmers. I wish there had been more community related to E3. Maybe Microsoft wouldn't have left it cast off in ruins.

I am truly hoping Affinity will pick up all the excellent features of the older software. And maybe add some new twists.


BTW - thanks for all the Affinity bushes you have shared!

My Portfolio site:



My art related blog:


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