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"Swatches" needs to be its own studio.

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Swatches needs to be its own studio. I dont know whats going on. You individually have a color studio and a swatches studio on the desktop version of affinity designer. On the ipad app, you have swatches hidden inside the color studio and it shouldnt be like that. It shouldnt be like that because 1 is you have a WHOLE studio inside another studio. There shouldnt be studios within studios.  And 2 is you have a back button "<" to go back to your 1st studio. It shouldnt be like that. There shouldnt be this back and forth workflow to get to one studio to another. You should be able to click a studio and get to what you need in that studio. I shouldnt have to click a studio to get to another studio to get to what I need. Its too much. It becomes this Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail of studios. Its also this game that the serif team keeps playing with users and the game is called "Hide and Go Seek." I dont want to play this game. I dont want to go seek. I dont want to go seek the swatches studio inside the color studio. I want what I need at first glance. Give users their studios at first glance of opening the app. 

So heres what i need the serif team to do. I need them to go to the color studio, remove the "swatches   >" button at the very bottom, and make that the color studio. Thats it. Simple

Then I need them to take whatever was inside that "swatches   >" button(the swatches studio) and make that its own studio called the swatches studio, give it its own swatches icon and put it on the right sidebar with the other studios. 

Below are images of what what I mean, Please implement it. 

Color Studio.jpg

Swatches Studio.jpg

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