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Change the MAX Stroke Width Point in the Stroke Width Slider

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In the stroke studio, you have the width stroke slider. You can increase or decrease the width of your stroke by sliding the slider left or right. The max stroke width you can go on the slider is 100pts. My issue is the highest width it can go is 100pts. Why? Why am I limited or restricted to just 100 pts? Where can I go to change this? Im not talking about inputing a specific stroke width. I'm talking about making the max stroke width of the slider be more than 100pts. Like, i want the max width to be 200pts and have my slider go from 0 to 200pts. Not 0-100pts. So where can I go to change the default max 100pt width on my slider? 

And you know why this is an issue? Because if you type in a specific width stroke, lets say 300pts max width, if you decrease your width using the slider because 300pts was too much for you and you need to go down to 250 some, the slider goes from 300pts to 100pts. Theres no in between. Theres no 100-300pts width on my slider. It just cuts straight to 100pts. So now you have to play and guess what stroke width you really need and now you have to input specific amounts. Youre playing this width guessing game because the sliders dont show you your 0-300 stroke width in real time. 

So I need to know where I can increase this 100pt max width on my width stroke slider. I dont know when I'll ever need a 200 or 300pt stroke width in my work but i need to be able to go more than 100pts on my width slider because its limiting. Its restricting and yes. You can input specific amounts  for now but I dont want that. I want to change my stroke width in real time using my slider without inputing specific pts and i want my slider to go from 0pts to 300pts. 

Please allow users to change the max 100pt width on our width stroke slider. 



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Hi MoonaticDestiny,

Think of the slider as a quick entry for numbers 1-100, the field is there to help you specify any number you like or to calculate the required number. There is no way to change the range of the slider I'm afraid.


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