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Really impressed with the Pano feature in 1.4.. As a quick test I loaded a three image panorama from my Pentax 645z (50.1 mp) and running on my little Mac mini rendered the pano quite quickly, on par with AutoPano Pro running on an i7 32 GB PC system  The images stitched seamlessly with no artifacts. Well done


So my feature request would be some additional Pano Projection settings. Not interested in the esoteric projections like Small Earth and Mirror Ball, but:


  • Planar
  • Mercator
  • Cyndrical

Would be more than welcome additions


Thanks for a great product.....



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What I am really missing is full RAW support. At the moment the stitched version is down sampled to 8bit. So all data is lost and doing grading afterwards is almost pointless.

Also I am missing drag'n drop to add images.


Nevertheless it is great improvement and I really like how the edit masks is implemented to fix issues in the panorama.

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Is it normal when I try to do a panorama with more then 3 pictures, it gives me 2 separate panoramas? 


This can happen when your photos don't overlap enough to create a single panorama. Also if a large part of the images have changed from shot to shot e.g.. Waves in a strong tide.

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I understand, but those images were taking with the camera panorama option. It's the one when you take the next shot you see a part of the previous shot. Is there a way to do it manually instead?

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