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  1. AlexL

    Brush sizing

    Why it doesn't work on my side? Is it because I use the french version of the keyboard? Thx
  2. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    Ok thx, I just did that!!
  3. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    I understand, but those images were taking with the camera panorama option. It's the one when you take the next shot you see a part of the previous shot. Is there a way to do it manually instead?
  4. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    Hi, Is it normal when I try to do a panorama with more then 3 pictures, it gives me 2 separate panoramas?
  5. Hi!!! this is my second post on this forum. I really appreciation the last help that I received. My question is, how can I created a signature that I can use for my photos and play with the size of it? Thank you
  6. Thanks, but I mean in Affinity Photo, can I take a blank page, use the policy that I want and save it as a image? Than use it to all my image. Merci
  7. Hi Moderators, this is exactly what happen (see Stefanexteter), I'll try what you said to him. ThX
  8. Hi! I took RAW pictures with my camera and when I use it in Affinity Photo it doesn't go straight to develop persona. Plus, it's read DCS_047.jpg. Can somebody help me with that matter? Thx

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