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  1. AlexL

    Brush sizing

    Why it doesn't work on my side? Is it because I use the french version of the keyboard? Thx
  2. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    Ok thx, I just did that!!
  3. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    I understand, but those images were taking with the camera panorama option. It's the one when you take the next shot you see a part of the previous shot. Is there a way to do it manually instead?
  4. AlexL

    Panorama Feature

    Hi, Is it normal when I try to do a panorama with more then 3 pictures, it gives me 2 separate panoramas?
  5. Thanks, but I mean in Affinity Photo, can I take a blank page, use the policy that I want and save it as a image? Than use it to all my image. Merci
  6. Hi!!! this is my second post on this forum. I really appreciation the last help that I received. My question is, how can I created a signature that I can use for my photos and play with the size of it? Thank you
  7. Hi Moderators, this is exactly what happen (see Stefanexteter), I'll try what you said to him. ThX
  8. Hi! I took RAW pictures with my camera and when I use it in Affinity Photo it doesn't go straight to develop persona. Plus, it's read DCS_047.jpg. Can somebody help me with that matter? Thx