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  1. The help section says there is a a Frame Text Tool but I can't find it. It also says there is a an Insert Filler Text command under Edit but I can't fins that either.
  2. I have a huge library of CDR images that I need to access. This would be a real plus for me. I also have a library of the old Micrografx Designer files that would be great to have access to. The way to build a community of users is to bring them in from various other applications!
  3. Good news for all Mac users! Better though if the two apps were totally integrated. A la Canvas which no longer exists on Macs. One step at a time perhaps.
  4. To round this app out and make it actually useful, it will need a word processor integrated with both the pixel and draw persona. Now I can produce documents with both raster and vector images built in with one app.
  5. We are lacking a good spot healing tool in the Pixel Persona
  6. Thanks but I'm still confused. When you click on the brush width size, the brush disappears and now you have no idea what size you're choosing until you click out of the sizing and then if it's not what you want, you have to make it disappear again then change the size; so you're going through this iteration again and again until you think the brush is the right size. How inconvenient can you get! Please make the brush circle stay on the screen while you're sizing it and not disappear. Better yet allow the brush circle to be placed where you want it on the drawing while you're sizing it. If you look at other similar apps, the brush size stays on the screen while you change the size.
  7. Would be better to be able to see the current brush size while sizing it right on the drawing otherwise you're going back and forth all the time. Not good the way it is now.
  8. I would like to be done with Corel and this is a great opportunity to switch. I have a large library of Corel files I'd like to keep working with.
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