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Hey guys,


I just recently found out about the live perspective filter – how could I miss this important filter?! :o

This filter is awesome! It’s similar to my beloved Smart Objects from Photoshop, if not better considering

in combination with other live filters like DOF!


So I thought why not share my first »just-replace-and-you’re-ready-to-go« file. :D

In case you want to try – here’s the download. A nice and simple DIN letterhead mockup to demonstrate

how cool this filter works, maybe it saves you time somehow. ;)




You may need to further adjust it to your liking.


Have a nice day




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I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but the placed and perspectively transformed placed document stays editable at all times, unless you rasterize it manually or prompted with a dialogue.

Remember: this is the Perspective Filter, not the Perspectiev Tool which – you're right – rasterizes the element you're working with.


You can place any document and distort it in perspective – though I miss a few additional handles for curved edges and stuff.

In my example I placed a document originally created in Designer as the object, you can still access all layers after your distorted it.


Here’s a short clip for demonstration. ;)








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Ah I've been looking for something similar to this for ages! This is really cool!


The smart objects mockup function is the one piece of Photoshop that I use the most, really missed it when using Photo for the first time. I wonder if they can get Photo to recognise Photoshop smart objects as live perspective filter objects...? This would mean all those thousands of Photoshop mockups the available would be useable in Affinity Photo which would be amazing!


How did you achieve this Dennis? Would be great to be great to have an understanding of how to make my own mockups rather than relying on random internet downloads all of the time.

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Thanks MBd, that's really useful.


Can you quickly explain what linked layers are? I haven't heard that term before and it sounds intriguing!


Also how would AD's new symbol functionality work in respect to embedded documents?



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