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Reverse curves, bleeds, Numpad comma

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I found a few issues on Affinity Designer:
- the reverse curve doesn't work for multiple selected curves. If you want to reverse the direction of multiple selected curves it will change direction only to the last selected curve;
- bleed doesn't work properly for JPG. If you use JPG export + include bleed, it will export the document + bleed, but the bleed area is white. Also, it would be nice to have the "include bleed" option for TIFF export.
- It would be really really helpful to be able to use the NumPad comma for numbers with decimals (for dimensions, position etc). I am not sure, but I think this worked before on the earlier versions of Affinity Designer.

Affinity Designer version -
Windows 10

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Hi @Radu F,

We are already aware about the JPG and Bleed issue, this happens when your document has an artboard and this is logged with the Dev team to resolve.

The Reverse curve is working as expected and shouldn't work on multiple curves.  

The Numpad is still allowing me to use comma for decimals when typing into the transform panel and any other box within the app.

I've moved this post from bugs to Questions and also updated the bug report with a link to this thread


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 @stokerg Thanks for your reply!

The Numpad comma doesn't work well for me and I saw this problem on a lot of other users.
For example, If I want to modify the size of an element and set it to 40,5 mm, if I use the numpad comma it will transform the value in 405 mm instead of 40,5 mm. I need to use the comma from the "qwerty" area of the keyboard in order to use numbers with decimals.

I need to modify something in the  Affinity settings in order to work correctly?

It is very annoying and time consuming to use the comma from the qwerty section instead of the comma from the numpad section.

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