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  1. Hi Sean, Sorry, it looks like it's a Windows issue. I imported the PNG file in Affinity and it looks well. I opened it also with Paint and it looks well. It seems that is a problem regarding how Windows photo viewer display the PNG images. Thank you for taking the time to investigate this!
  2. Hello, I found an issue when exporting a PNG file. If you set transparency to a stroke, that specific stroke will be thinner when exported to PNG. To reproduce this, try the following: - create two rectangles with "rectangle" tool - set the interior of the rectangles to white - set the stroke of the rectangles to green for example - put the rectangles one above the other as in attached image (one of them will serve as a "control" rectangle) - for the top rectangle set the stroke opacity to 50% (only for the stroke) - select both rectangles, go to - File - Export - PNG - Selection without background - the result should be as in the attached image From what I experienced, this issue appear only if you export "Selection without background" and only if that specific stroke is on the exterior of the artwork. I use Affinity Designer on Windows 10.
  3. Hi Jim, Regarding the color palette, you already have this option in AD. In the contextual menu of swatches panel choose "Add Document Palette". This option will add a new color palette which will be saved with your document. Also you can add more than one palette for each document. In the same contextual menu, you have the option to import a saved palette to your document, by choosing "Import Palette/As Document Palette".
  4. Hi Laureen, From what I know there is a method that can work for you: 1 - Select the strokes you want to expand and in the Stroke panel check "Scale with object" 2 - Increase the size of the icons (for example from 50px x 50px to 1000px x 1000px) 3 - Expand strokes 4 - Scale back the icons to their original size. I hope it will help you.
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    White lines in EPS files

    Ok MEB, I understand. Thanks for your quick feedback!
  6. Hello, Congratulations for your good work on Affinity Designer and Photo! I have received an EPS file from a client of mine, which was bought from a stock photo website (I can't provide the file for test). When I open the file in Illustrator, everything is ok. When I open it in AD, there are a lot of white lines which surrounds every little element of the design. I have found this similar topic on the forum. You can find there a picture with the same problem as mine, but without any solution. There is any way to get rid of these white lines? Thanks! Radu