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Applying a texture to a mostly transparent image

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Hi All,

I have an image sequence which consists of a series of images which are thick white lines, the rest is transparent. I've attached an example.

What I would like to do is apply a texture to the images, such that only the non-transparent parts are affected. I got something a bit like what I was after by selecting the non-transparent parts and applying Perlin noise filter, but I'm after something more flexible.

For example, having an image underneath, which would use the white lines as a mask, so the image only  showed up in non-transparent parts. Or to put it another way, apply the transparency channel from an image sequence to the colour channels of a different image.

I'm way out of my depth here, and suggestions or things to explore would be very welcome.

As I said it's an image sequence, so once I have something working, I'll be looking to batch process a folder full of images in one go, ready to be assembled into an animation.

All clues very gratefully received!



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