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Publisher: create pages from photo files

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Maybe I just missed the option somewhere... but what I am trying to do is create a simple photo album where each page is a photo and a caption. I created a master page the way I want it. I can add pages and drag and drop my photo in the photo frame and then type my caption. That's good.

But I am wondering if I could speed this up by selecting a bunch of photos, dropping them in Publisher and it creates one page for each photo file. I found in the menu Document -> Add Pages from Files option but that's not letting me select JPG.

Any ideas?

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6 hours ago, ETL said:

it would take longer to create the Excel file than to just drop the files one by one in Publisher.

You could use File Explorer to drag all images to your Assets panel then move them from there to the various pages (delete from assets when done)


But data merge is the way to go.

If the images are already in the same folder, it's a simple matter to generate a file listing with the full folder name/path included, and pipe that into a text file. Then just load that text file into Excel.

Use CMD prompt and Dir /B /S command to generate the file list


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