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Better Pressure Curve Adjustments/Management

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Currently there's a lot left to be desired in the pressure curve adjustments window/dialog. The current management scheme is lack-luster and can only facilitate a modicum of needs.

Issue: You need more and more nodes to try to smooth the curve but at the same time, you're adding to the angularity of the segments with each additional node.

Suggestion: In the image provided I make a suggestion that could cut out the need for an unneeded multitude of nodes in the attempt to sculpt your pressure curve. It borrows ideas from Blender and will help create much smoother transitions when sculpting the pressure curve. 

  • You could also allow for greater control by adding a dedicated tab within the "Properties" window for the brush, once clicking the properties button next to the pressure curve pop-out button.
  • Being able to export the custom pressure curves is a must, which is also missing. (to the best of my knowledge). A lot of artist have a specific style the work within (like a favorite brush or medium) and having to start fresh with each new creation of a document is another short-coming for Affinity's brush management system. 
  • A mirroring function for the curve would be create as well.

I feel like this is an area Affinity can step away from Adobe who uses their own management by allow the use of a dedicated width adjustment tool that can be buggy in tighter zooms to then later save the "profile" later in the stroke panel (also saves them application wide for later use).


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Yes. Please give us more control and detail in determining stroke pressure manually. Illustrator solves this by adjusting width on the object itself. Today I was trying to mess with the pressure and it is too limited. It:

- Is tiny so you are limited in how it operates

- Doesn't have the curves like suggested in the first post

- Can't be made bigger to give better pressure adjustment detail

- Can't be moved. It keeps getting in the way of seeing what I am trying to modify

Please make these options available and more robust or just copy Illustrator. Thank you.


I tried twice to upload screenshots but the serif site is having problems. I will add them (pressure window and error snip) to: https://imgur.com/a/yB3LwbC

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