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AD Crash using undo

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I am working on a huge drawing.  I created a rectangle, rotated it, converted it to a curve, then using the ctrl modifier I deleted the two ends.  This resulted in a Curves of 2 lines.  I did a Separate curves, but for some reason it remained a single Curves, this happens fairly often.  I then clicked undo a few times backing up history to give it another try.  Then it suddenly was gone.  Attached is the crash report.

Crash 9-15-21.txt

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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Hi Gear maker,
Are you able to reproduce this fairly consistently? If so could you save a copy of the file with history at the point the Separate option has failed please?

I've tried to reproducing this (assuming you're removing both short sides of the rectangle or both long sides to give 2 curves), but the Separate option is working correctly for me, and any following undo operations succeed.

Just to confirm, you wasn't performing that operation on an object inside a symbol was you?

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Hi Sean, sorry for the delayed response.  I can't reproduce the problem.  It seemed to be a 1 time occurrence.  Probably just a perfect storm leading to the crash.  But I figured maybe the crash report might be handy in locating some problem or another.

FYI I had no symbols in this document.

I use separate curves frequently, many times a day on this project.  I draw the edge of something like a panel.  Then duplicate it and using ctrl click remove the end two segments.  Then I want to apply a lighter color stroke to the top piece and a darker to the bottom.  So I have to use Separate Curves to separate the layers.  And for some reason once in awhile Separate Curves won't function.  After I undo back to the paste and preform the paste again it seems to always work except for this crash.

Thanks for your help.


iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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