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First off, I have seen the posts confirming that the affinity team will be working on a DAM which excites me very much! (can I pre-order? ;)) anyways I'm assuming that the project is in the early stages if started at all, but I wanted to ask for these now so that they could be considered in the core of the design. My requests are founded on my reading of this article: http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/archival-photo-backup.htm


Things I would like to see specifically in the Affinity DAM (and which I think are a must for a truly PRO DAM):

  • Strong Compatibility with different file types and the ability to convert between them losslessly (is that a word?) as different formats eventually go extinct
  • Support for creating and tracking multiple copies of the library for redundancy purposes - Ideally I'd like to have multiple external hard drives with no special connection like raid and put copies on each
  • The ability to split a library across multiple storage pieces (ie split a 300 gb library accross 50 gb blu ray discs and then the merging of the library back to one volume)
  • Strong Checksum Support for error detection
  • Parity/Recovery Files to recover from an error (and in extreme cases this is where redundancy matters most)
  • Finally a way to access the files in case ( I hope it never happens ) Affinity goes away.


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I have a pretty good DAM on Windows : imatch5   photools.exe     .  It's super flexible and feature rich and at the same time it makes it  too complicated to use, too much checkboxes and buttons I forgot how to use constantly.        


Imo it's a problem with any modern software.  To make  something  you have to push this button and that , make sure some checkbox in some window behind a window, behind a window is checked in.   It's like  damn matryoshka doll.    You have to  be a software expert instead of being an expert in art  you are doing.    It really should be as simple as a brush, a palette and an easel .      



So please make the DAM simple and still not being as a useless toy as mac Photo.    And not one more Lightroom please.  Looks like it does everything except what I need. 


a. Ability to just drag'n'drop without export

b. Have  a quick, off-line  on map appearance , with rotation , schematic map, etc

c. simple and super quick ,hot key keywords appointing , pretty much like Photo.   With automatic smart suggestions  etc . Could be million innovations here over Lightroom.

d. easy category/keywords  sub tree  with super quick search interface,   Scripted/automatic  categories based on chosen parameters. 

e. ability to see 3d files like fbx. blend. max. ma.  obj   and show their thumbnails  + corel Painter riff 


And most important thing. Be super quick thumbnails / preview scroller  So I could browse through hundreds items like  watching a movie , 25 frames per second .


I know, it's  probably  impossible and never come true based on all those countless DAM applications. Should be a reason why all them are so slow and inconvenient.   

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