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Hi Folks, 


Me again.... After a little more help again please if you would be so kind. So, have a look at the file I have attached. Look to theft and you will see an upper and lower wing. I need the lower wing curve at the furthest left tip to match the curve of the upper wing, making it more symmetrical. Also, how do i make sure that the distance between the two wings (Upper and lower) is that same distance across the full length of the wing again ensuring symmetry.


Hope that makes sense and someone can help.


Thanks guys


Door Design 2.afdesign

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Use a stroke around the top wing to help aid in your creation of the curve as a guide. You could stitch it from pieces from each to get exact but that seems like a lot of work. 


See attached. The red stroke I applied to the top wing is the guide I would use to visually guide me make the bottom. Like I said you could chop up the stroke and make it it's own shape, then using boolean geometry you could make your bottom wing.

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Hi Mark,


the idea is simple. Use the upper wing as a “cookie cutter” to cut the correct contour from the lower wing.

  • Create a copy of your wing shapes and move these copies to another place.
  • Now move the lower wing, until it intersects the upper wing. Adjust the upper contour of the lower wing until you get a decent amount of intersection.
  • Now make sure that the upper wing layer is above the lower wing layer in the layers list, select both layers, and choose Layer > Geometry > Subtract or use the Boolean Subtract button.
  • The upper shape will get subtracted from the lower shape.

Does that help?  :)

Cheers, Alex


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