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Am not able to export PDF for print

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I have designed some signs using Designer and am unable to export to PDF. It starts to export but then gets stuck showing the "Export item" popup.
I have tried on various PC's using the same file but the same issue occurs. All the sign is, is a background image, 2 smaller images, some text and some shape elements.

Using Windows PC, (Desktop and laptops)

What I have tried:
Export whole document 
Export individual artboard 
Open and export in Publisher 
Wait for an hour 
Copy elements of one sign and open as new document 
Reinstall (repair) Affinity Designer
Export PDF, "For Print" and X-3

I am at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated

Oldgoat Marketing - For all your internet marketing needs

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  • Staff

Hi OldGoat,

Welcome to the forums :)

If possible could you provide a copy of the file so I can look into this further with you?



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Hi @Callum


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the file sizes are large - the smallest being 16211 mb so not able to send... but I did manage to solve the problem.

What I  noticed is that the file was using 100% of my PC's resources. Any operation took forever to perform and this was happening on all the PC's/laptops I tried.
From this I deduced that is was a Designer issue. I opened my file and tried to find the images I had linked to, but the resource manager did not show them.

The images I used were copied and pasted directly from a previous Affinity design, so what I did was locate the originals on my PC and replace (place) them into my design. This solved the issue and now exports to PDF within seconds.

I'm assuming this could be a Designer bug?

Oldgoat Marketing - For all your internet marketing needs

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