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Using 'stroke' as parallel lines tool!

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Using 'stroke' and 'expand stroke' from layers menu is so close to being useful as a parallel lines tool commonly found in CAD programmes. For it to be far more useful however would require the (straight) lines created to be removable and editable, which then leads on to there being an edit polygon tool.


Notice also that for a stroke to appear either side of a line whilst drawing, a polygon must first be 'closed'. If being used as a potential parallel line tool then consideration could also be given to addressing this.


Probably way off where you are going with this incredibly useful alternative to illustrator, however this facility would really open up the application to many more users I am sure. I am an ex (for many years) CAD user (not the other monolithic app (AutoCad as opposed to Photoshop) route but what was an excellent app - MiniCad which became yet another 'mad' app called 'VectorWorks'.


However I think Affinity Designer is the business, with massive potential. 

Many thanks.



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Outline/offset tool is again a traditionally separate tool from parallel lines/parallel sided polygon with editable sides. Really I believe that this would open up many many more possibilities. Vector works / Minicad was the only app that addressed this properly, and seeing this now costs into the $1000's of dollars there is a big gap that simply no one has realised is there to fill. It has always been interesting to me the difference between graphic 'design' apps and CAD apps. The pure creation of shapes side of both 'takes' should be very similar but surprisingly that has rarely been the case. Many CAD apps are still 'wireframe'!! They still stick to copying the very restricted environment of the drawing board, not realising that so much more is possible, or, not wanting to 'degrade' themselves into object orientation. The world of graphic design has had similar hang-ups and continue to be focused more on the world of bezier curves and organic shapes rather than the added flexibility that can be afforded (at times) by breaking things down into 'lines'. There are many other areas that if only someone would wholeheartedly look at both alongside each other a great deal could be gained. Affinity have taken a giant step, the next step could be gargantuan! - and - there is no one else around looking at this!

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