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Help! Cannot type exact values into fields.

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Two days ago I stopped being able to type exact values/measurements into any fields in Designer or Publisher. I haven't checked Photo yet.

I been working on a complex illustration alternating between my iPad and my PC. The last time I moved it from my iPad I stopped being able to type exact points sizes for my lines and strokes on my PC. The document uses a line size 1.5 pt and I can't type in into the field. I can use the slider to change the width but it is a pain and not as precise. It REFUSES to go to 1.5 pts. the closest I can get to is 1.6 pts. I does this for all line widths.

I thought it was a PC/MAC issue, but don't think that's the case.

This morning the problem appeared on publisher on my PC. I am only running Publisher in a PC environment. I tried to adjust the margins in a new document and it won't let me. I can change the default bottom measurement from 1.5" to 1" but 1" is the only value it will accept. Once it is at 1" wont allow any other changes. The fields with a 1" default won't accept any new values to be entered.

I haven't reinstalled any programs yet. I'm running version I think that's the latest.

Thank you!

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Hi @Heather17,

Welcome, to the Affinity Forums and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble!

Unfortunately this isn't an issue that myself or my colleagues have had reported previously and we're currently unable to replicate this report.

Could you please provide a screen recording showing the issue you're referring to, being sure to include the Layers Studio within the recording, so we can see your current selection etc?

Many thanks in advance :)

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Good morning Dan!

Well here's the good news, it's not an Affinity issue. 😃

I feel so stupid now. 😖 After spending a couple hours trouble shooting different things before I posted and just now I spent half an hour reading up on how to do a screen capture video for you and setting it all up I took a break to do something else. I switched to the calculator on my computer. It wouldn't work either. More trial and error and lo and behold, my number keypad has a glitch in it. Everything works fine if I use the numbers across the top of my keyboard. 

Sorry to have wasted your time. But at least I can now move ahead with my project.

Thank you,


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