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License restrictions when using Affinity Software via Citrix Technology

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Hello, can someone please answer the following questions about the Affinity License agreement and the use of its software via Citrix technology

1 - Is it legal to use Affinity Software over Citrix Technology if only those users who launch the Affinity software via Citrix have purchased licenses already for that software?

     In Citrix it is possible, on a per-user basis, to 'advertise' applications that only that user can see and run. If that user has a valid Affinity license already that they run on their local laptop, that they control, is it OK to have that same license used to launch a Citrix equivalent version of that same licensed software to only that same user?

2 - In an organisation that bulk purchases end-user licenses for Affinity software - and some of those Affinity licensed software users leave the company - can those licenses be transferred to another person while ensuring the total license count is not exceeded?  In other words are Affinity licenses transferable if the user leaves a company or do new licenses need to be ordered for new users?

3 - If Citrix is an allowable platform how can the software be installed and registered given each Citrix copy that is assigned to a licensed user must has its own registration serial number?

4 - Does Affinity have guidelines on how to Install Affinity software in a Citrix environment where graphic cards and GPUs are not available - applications in Citrix write to a virtual display buffer rather than to using direct calls to accelerated display hardware.

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Hello DWright,

could you also please send me that answer?

I have the same situation as Richard Frost.

A customer wants to run Affinity Puplisher on a Citrix terminal server and i'm not sure about the licence model.

The customer has 8 Licences for dedicated for users. We have four terminal servers (all with gpu) for load balancing.

How can we install Affinity Publisher on that machines and be licence conform?

Thanks in advanced for your answer


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