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Stop Affinity from Auto-Zooming When Resize/Cropped

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Currently, when you resize a document or crop an image, Affinity auto-zooms to fill the screen with the resized image. I cannot emphasize how much I cannot stand this "feature". If I am at 100% zoom, regardless of how large or small the image or document is, I want it to remain at 100%. If I crop the image or resize the document, I don't want that to change. I know I can use the Zoom icon to get to 100% and I know I can use the keyboard shortcut to do the same, but it's one more click, an unnecessary click, to get things to where they should have stayed to begin with. 

I was researching this (before posting here) and I see there have been several topics where people have requested changing this behavior. So, why not at least make it a Preference where the end -user can toggle the behavior on or off as they please?

I had made a sheet of assets for a map making program. I had to crop out each piece and export as a PNG file. Each time I cropped, Affinity would auto-zoom in, filling the screen. Some of these pieces were really small, so all I saw was a pixelated mess on the screen (zoomed in to like 900% or even more)! I found myself spending a lot of time hitting that key to go back to 100%. Ugh! Please, for the love of whatever, change this "feature" so that I can keep Affinity at whatever zoom level I want unless I decide to change it. 


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