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Geometry Trouble! - How do I cut that shape out of there??

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I do a lot of character art, and I build thick line weight shape by shape with the pen tool, mostly.  It makes for about a billion layers I have to use the Geometry features on to get under control by the end of it all.  I've found that Designer's Geometry functions are pretty similar to AI's, but am having trouble in a few areas.  I'll just ask this one question for now, here, since it's the most pressing to me.


I've included images of what I've got.  All I'm trying to do is get the white part cut out of the wheel so I'll be able to see through to whatever's behind it.  I know that I can use subtract when I first put two circles together to punch out that middle hole, but I didn't think about that as I was going along building this section, and missed the chance.  Now, all the Dividing and Subtracting in the world isn't helping me get that shape inside the wheel punched out.  I've included a photo of my layers so you can see that the wheel elements are on separate layers from all the spokes, front foot, and other details.  The only trouble area is that the back foot has already been cut into the white shape I want to punch out.  Is there any way I can Intersect or Divide to get rid of this thing??  


Sorry if I'm not asking properly.  I almost never see examples of people using these programs with lines as individual shapes.  Thanks so much in advance if you can help!!





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Hi Patchwork,


If you're able to just send the file to support@seriflabs.com I'm sure we can look at it and tell you how to achieve what you're looking for, then delete the file again afterwards :)  It's really difficult from the screenshots to imagine what problems you're facing - it's hard to visualise how everything interacts without actually trying it...




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You must select the grey circle (the wheel) and the white shape and do a subtract boolean operation. If you created the outline of the inner circle of the wheel with a black circle, you will also have to select it and a duplicate of the white shape and perform a subtract boolean operation. Without the file to check however, the steps i outlined above may not give the result you're expecting.

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