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Processing PixelShift2DNG Files in Affinity Photo?

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Can Pixel Shift Resolution files (also called MultiShot), as produced in Sony, Pentax, and a few other camera brands, be processed in Affinity Photo?  As they come from the camera, the Pixel Shift Resolution files combine 4 shots but Affinity Photos appears to select just one of the 4 for processing, or at least that's what appears to happen when I try to do this.  The PixelShift2DNG software combines the four shots into a single DNG file that preserves the Pixel Shift Resolution qualities, and that most processing apps can process.  However, thus far I can't make this work in Affinity Photo, the image produced being just streaks of different colors.  I would like to do HDR merges of 5 - 6 Photo Shift Resolution files from my Pentax K-1, then put these through the Pixel2DNG app, then process the resulting DNG file in Affinity Photo.  Alternately I could process each file I wish to HDR merge first in Pixel2DNG and then do an HDR merge the resulting 5 - 6 files, and then process that in Affinity Photo.  I can't make either method work.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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2 hours ago, kirkt said:

@Wanderer3 - do you have a data set (a few Pixel Shift files) that you want to merge to HDR that you could upload to a file sharing service for us to test?  


The Pixel Shift files are huge (about 160 mb - 40 mb X 4)) and beyond my systems ability to transmit them, I think.  If I resized them I think they would no longer be valid Pixel Shift files, although I don't have much knowledge about this topic.  Thanks for trying to trying to help.

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We don't have native support for pixel shift images.

If you're using Affinity Photo on macOS, try changing the RAW engine used in the Develop personas assistant to AppleCORE. We're aware of an issue with how our SerifLABS RAW engine handles the files generated by PixelShift2DNG which is logged with our developers to investigate further. If you're using Photo on Windows you only have access to our RAW engine I'm afraid.

In terms of HDR merging it will also use the selected/available RAW engine to process the files. If you do want to use this option you may be better off using a different format such as TIFF.

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Pity. For one of the last shoots i've discovered that Affinity didn't work correctly with dng generated with Pixelshift2dng tool from Sony A7r3 shoots. Tool developers suggests fix: 

exiftool -ActiveArea= -DefaultCropSize -DefaultCropOrigin=


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