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This beta has fixed the file opening bug that I reported in the Bugs forum. However, both this beta and the previous one are causing me problems with PDF export...

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 running on a Macbook Air (model id 6,1).

No external devices other than permanently attached SSD.

My problematic document is 209 pages, imported from IDML, reformatted, and saved as regular afpub. Other documents I have tried have worked ok.

When I try to export to PDF I get an error: “An error occurred while exporting to: <filename>”.

The error happens wherever I try to export the file on the system, be it local drive or icloud.

I can export pages 1-21 without problem. Any page from 22 onwards that I try fails. Exporting 1-22 fails. Exporting 22 or 23 on its own fails, etc. There is nothing I can see that is different about pages 22 and on — they are a continuation of the same text flow using the same master pages, fonts, etc.

Preflight shows only spelling warnings.

If I set it to export text as curves, the error remains.

If I set it to disable  advanced features, the error remains.

The only way I can get it to export is to set it to ‘rasterize everything’ (though this makes an unacceptably large file).

I have done the PDF logging thing and the error at the end of the file reads:

[Last exception 1113 in PDF_rect]["Number parameter 'y' has bad value '-215723171361689126693305940258774955854831264025790984366933353005963925736340364766740324843394693930763637765777116666640215904422765062065054010734467522159667853218497575660516896304869827726833649588347945387400948462600982054168988953002738186639960' (maybe not initialized)"]

I’ve no idea if that’s useful. I’m happy to provide the log file and the document, if it helps.

NOTE: This only affects the beta version. If I open the file in the non-beta 1.9 release, the export works perfectly.


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I tried a couple of PDF presets but it was the same. Only rasterizing worked for PDF export. I was able to export problematic pages as PNG, although that was only for testing.

I can’t find an upload link in your post? I’d rather not upload to the forum. Is there a dropbox link I can send them to?

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