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Issue applying blur filter

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Hi everyone,

 i recently started using this amazing app, and i am sorry if i am not using the corrects words to describe what i am trying to say..

Trying to apply a Blur filter (Gaussian for example) to a layer (where i’ve done what you see in the first attached picture), once i raise the radius of Gaussian Blur, the highlights are too strong again (i’ve attached two more screenshots showing the before-after effect).





Could you please help me to understand why how to avoid it?

Thank you very



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Hi @MadMatMagic,

Welcome to the forums :)

It would help to see a copy of your Affinity document, so that we can offer specific advice for you - could you please upload a copy of your document to the below link for me?


Once uploaded, please reply here to let me know. Many thanks in advance!

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Many thanks for your document!

I've been able to reproduce this issue here - it appears as though there is a bug where using a Live Adjustment as a child layer causes the blend ranges to be ignored. If you use a non-live version of this blur adjustment on your layer (ie a destructive adjustment) then you should find that the bur is applied, whilst retaining your blend range.

I have reported this issue directly with our developers now and we hope to have this fixed shortly :)

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You can also place the Live Filter above the pixel layer in the layer stack (rather than using it as a child) and group the two. This way you can keep the blend range of the pixel layer with the live filter applied. To restrict the gaussian blur to bottom right corner of the image, apply the gradient to the built-in mask of the gaussian blur live filter setting the colour stop of the gradient over the bottom right corner to white and the opposite colour stop to black. See attached example. Notice the pixel layer has blend ranges applied: gaussian_blur_and_ranges.afphoto

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6 minutes ago, MadMatMagic said:

since i would like to apply the blur to the low-right corner only with a gradient, sadly i dont know how to do it.. 🙁

Along with MEB's suggestion above, you can also create a selection before applying the blur, this will then only apply the blur within the area. This isn't as 'flexible' as a live filter however, so you may find the above method is best for you :)

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