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Clicking selects far off objects - Effects all Affinity products

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When I try and click an object many times it selects an object far off. It will do this consistently in this document. I'm using the Mac. It seems to happen in every Affinity product with the files that have the problem. This was a PDF originally that I started with. I can select objects behind by holding down option and clicking. The selection perimeter of the top most object is very large. Is there something I'm doing wrong? This happens on other documents too, but not all. Here is the video:

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Hi @Bryce
We've had this reported before and it has been caused by having a large value specified in the Decorations section of the Character Panel. If you remove that does the issue go away? 

This issue has been resolved in the current 1.9 beta so should be resolved when that version hits the store (though you can try it sooner if you wish). 

If this still doesn't work, would you mind attaching a copy of the document please?

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52 minutes ago, Bryce said:

I'm attaching the file if you want to examine it. Otherwise, go ahead and delete.

WCCH_RL_11.20.afdesign 8.61 MB · 1 download

The value I was referring to is actually the Stroke size. Removing this stroke will allow stop this selection issue, however I've tried your file in the current 1.9 beta and it is now working correctly, so it does indeed seem to be the known issue that has been fixed in 1.9.

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Ok. I see that if I remove the stroke around the text it doesn't do that. If I ad it back on, it does it again. But it doesn't do that with all text blocks.  I wonder why?

Thanks for fixing that and to let me know what I can do while waiting!

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