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I've been photographing and processing textures for 3d rendering. Affinity Photo does a great job in making them tilable however, there is one particular issue which I encountered and had to use the Equalize tool in Substance Alchemist to fix it.

The attached images show the texture before and after using Equalizer - is this something that can be done with AF? I appreciate it can be done with selections and adjustment layers however, I'm doing 20 or 30 at a time so, I'm hopeful for a more automatic solution.

Thanks, N

Equalizer Before.JPG

Equalizer After.JPG

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It is advisable to remove the uneven illumination (the large areas of luminance variation) across the source image before you tile the source.  One way is to create a copy of the source and perform a Gaussian blur to remove the high-frequency detail and leave the low-frequency blobs of illumination variation - make sure to enable "preserve alpha" so the blur is retained to the edges.  Invert the blurred result and set the blend mode of the inverted, blurred result layer to something like Vivid Light (try the various contrast blend modes to see which works best for your source art).  This will neutralize the luminance variation.

To remove the tiling borders, use the Affine transform (Filters > Distort > Affine) and dial in an Offset in X and Y of 50%.  The edges of the source will be moved to the center of the image, in a cross-like arrangement where you can inspect and deal with the discontinuity of the source tile at the edges.  You can Inpaint or clone the seam away at the center cross.  Then reverse the Affine transform by repeating it.  Make sure that when you perform the Affine transform, you have the "Wrap" option selected.  Now the edges of the source tile are continuous across the boundaries of the source.

Now your source tile has the uneven illumination neutralized and the tiled edge discontinuities removed and is ready for repeating seamlessly.



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