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Spanish hyphenation not working (also, a crash)

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Hi. Since upgrading to 1.8.4 Spanish hyphenation has not been working. Despite having hyphenation panel adjusted even to force it (up to 7 consecutive hyphens, zones to 0, prefix and sufix at minimal, etc…) not a single hyphen is generated anywhere.

On language section on character pane, whenever I choose Spanish as Hyphen language, hyphen stops working. As soon as I choose any other language, it works. Just now i'm having to use Latin hyphen because is the most similar to Spanish rules. Crap, I get correct hyphen even with the English US hyphen dictionary. It is clear that there is something strange with the Spanish Hyphen dictionary.

Also, app crashes if I mouse goes over AUTO on the hypen language drop selector. Ouch!

Spanish: Not working


English and Italian, works perfect.


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On 8/18/2020 at 9:12 AM, Gabe said:

Same here. Any chance you can try the same workflow on a new user profile?

Hi again @Gabe

Just tested in a completely new user. It seem to work fine, so is a user related issue. Suggestions? reset publisher settings maybe? (how was it done?) Complete reinstall of publisher? 

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  • Staff

Very odd. Permission maybe? Try this and see if it fixes it. 


If you purchased from the Mac App Store could you try these steps please:

Go to Macintosh HD\Users\username\Library\Containers\
rename the 'com.seriflabs.affinityPublisher' folder to 'com.seriflabs.affinityPublisher.old'

Instead if you purchased from the Affinity Store could you try these steps please:

Go to Macintosh HD\Users\username\Library\Application Support\
rename the 'Affinity Publisher' folder to 'Affinity Publisher Old'


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Still fail, but you gave me a clue and I've found the culprit. 

It seems a badly formatted dictionary for basque language was in conflict with the Spanish one. I examined the basque dictionary files and one of them was named es_ES instead of eu_ES. Your route to the library gave me the clue that long ago I installed a basque dictionary.

Also, this also solved the issue of publisher crashing when selecting automatic as hyphen language.

I hope this could help others in the improbable case anyone has this issue.

Thank you very much! Going to advice dictionary author so it can check it.

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