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Hi All,

Trying to figure out how best to save the changes/settings after I've worked on a RAW file.


I've looked in the Affinity Help and so far while looking in the Basic Develop Persona section I found mention of "Save Presets" and an icon associated with it. (see the screen shot attached). I've also found a mention in the forums of adding presets via the pull down menu above the Basic/Exposure settings (screen shot also attached)


It's difficult finding specific topics in the built in help as some things are mentioned once but can not be used as search criteria to find out more info.


Having used Photoshop previously I think some of the trouble is terminology and a bit of semantics, but it would be good to clear up what means what, and how you might be able to see changes after you save a Raw file as when I return to a changed and saved Raw/af.photo file the sliders are all back to zero, which is not what I'm used to using Photoshop.


So, questions:


1. How does one see what changes have been made to a Raw file after adjustments have been made and the file saved and re-opened, as it seems on reopening all the sliders are zeroed and not showing the changes that had been made?


2. Where can the "Save Presets" icon shown in Affinity Help be found on screen or in which menu?


3. Is there an equivalent of an .xmp file created after adjusting a RAW file?


4. Do you have to "add preset" via the Basic pull down menu each time you want to save your adjusted settings to each and every file instead of it re-opening with the settings already done and showing on the sliders?


5. Is "adding" the same or equivalent of "saving" presets, or are they two separate things doing two different jobs? (tried to illustrate this with another screen shot)


Think that covers it.





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  • Staff

Hi Dreamlight,


Welcome to the forums :)


I will answer your questions in the order they were asked.


1. When you make Adjustments in the Develop Persona and apply these changes it's not possible to change these Adjustments again. However our Developers are hoping to add Non destructive Develop Layer which should solve this issue. For more information please see our RoadMap.


2. This icon has been removed and replaced with Add Preset. I have logged this with our Development team and the in App help will be updated. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


3. This isn't possible at the moment. However this may come in the future.


4/5. When you add a Preset you are saving any Adjustments made so that they may be used again on another file. These added/ saved presets are saved in the App so when you open and close the App they should reappear.


I hope this helps :)



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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I would like to add that in the beta version after adding presets and opening a new file to apply these new presets, the preset dropdown does not revert back to "default", even though one is seeing default. So its a minor bug but nonetheless it should be addressed.

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