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Help please issue with RAW files

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So I went out this morning to see if could reproduce the magenta in highlights. Most of the images were OK apart from these two 707 was in RAW and 706 in mRAW 706 shows magenta highlights in the clouds but 707 in RAW was OK. So I guess the answer is to only shoot RAW, until AP fix something.

Thanks to all for their replies, appreciated .

7H1A1706.CR2 7H1A1707.CR2

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6 hours ago, ianhg said:

Strange that Canon software resolves the issue, guess they are aware of it. So it appears that there is nothing I can change in AP preferences or set up to improve the issue.

Each manufacturer has own insights of course. They know everything about their own hardware and often handle many issues in their own processing. That is why you need a very competent and professional RAW processor before they can actually match the out of camera images on several parameters. Obviously the case here if Canon software deals with it.

Filters? Read up on it or check youtube. Sometimes the camera needs one. Sometimes an astronaut does as well.

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sRAW and mRAW are pretty much relics from a time when memory cards were small and processing power of computers was not necessarily up to the task of full raw files.  Nowadays, there are few, if any,  compelling reasons to use it, especially given that, as the OP has discovered, few raw converters support this format.  Canon's DPP produces a "correct" rendering of the OP's mRAW file because Canon supports their mRAW variation of their proprietary CR2 format.  It appears that AP does not.

In general, if you open a raw file (or a quasi-raw file like sRAW) and you see magenta tints where they should not be, check to see if the raw files from your camera are supported in that software.  Sometimes, when you purchase a new camera and feed a raw file from it to your favorite raw converter, you might actually get the converter to produce an image even if the camera is not yet supported; however, it probably will have artifacts that should tip you off that your camera is not supported yet.


EDIT: When I run your mRAW file through dcraw, the default sensor saturation level for the 7D Il is 16383, but the raw file displayed in Raw Digger shows that the green channel is clipping at 12238 in the mRAW.  When I run the mRAW through dcraw with a specified sensor saturation of 12238, the magenta is almost completely gone, and the area clips to white (neutral). This is "correct" in that the mRAW is pretty much a glorified JPEG.



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