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Basic CC0 free Template for Magazine DIN A5


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Hi there,

i created a template for a magazine in DIN A5, mainly aimed at beginners.
Experts change things like colorspace, bleed,....

All the images you see there are from unsplash, pexels and pixabay and also are only in 72dpi in that, so replacethem :D

I also got a german and english version so the naming of textstyles and other things make sense for non-german speakers.

Fonts necessary (both free):

have fun with it :)

and tell me if you got any ideas improvements, i don´t do templates very often.:)

I put the template under CC0, so yeah have fun with it.

Template A5 004 Englisch_7.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_6.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_5.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_3.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_1.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_2.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_8.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_9.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_10.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_11.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_12.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_13.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_14.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_15.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_16.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_17.jpg

Template A5 004 Englisch_18.jpg


Template A5 005_1.jpg

Template_A5_german.aftemplate Template_A5_005_englisch.aftemplate

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Hello Gmit,

I like your template a lot. May I use parts of it - especially the cover - for an outdoor-e-magazine that I am going to make?
I'd change several parts, but I'd like to use the font and some arrangements.

Please tell me, if you've got any issue about it. Then I don't use your template (since I am going to make the e-magazin public and sell it with a small price).

Best regards,

Maria Kolbe

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Hi @Maria36

The license is CC0. So you can use the template for your own work.

Read here for more informations to the creative commons: https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/


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