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Hello, now I have put Lr5 out to pasture, I really do miss not being able to set 'long side' length and the program can automatically set the sort at the original ratio when exporting 
Lr5  replacement; On1 can but takes forever, and there is also no why to set a maximum kb size  
Whatever I do; for ease and speed nothing come close to lr for this job 😥
Would also be good to be able to make a macro for exports --- or is there a way ??

I'm sure affinity whizkids can fix it; just for me lol :)

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Done some fiddling around and because I seldom use standard format photo ratios have not found a usable work around to set long side length only  
For anyone interested; this is the best I have work out when using  On1 2020 (Win10) as the dam system
Send On1 edited raw file as a Tiff to Ap >save a new tiff with layers to "editing" folder >save edited file as a Jpeg  exporting to Edit folder >make  web  size (1000px long side) >export to edit folder with ''W" in the name. Takes under a minute which is faster than doing the similar within On1.
Saved tiff, jpeg, and 2nd jpg are easily dragged to  their home folder within On1
Any minor editing adjustments can be added to the 3 files at the same time in On1.
Eventually the saved Tiff file and the original On1 tiff will be deleted leaving the original edit raw and the full size edited jpeg only 
Certainly would not suit pros with high volume needs  ---- not sure On1 is for high volume editing yet. 
On1 layers files are BIG --- read slow 
Open to ideas until Ap whiz kids get long and maximum  mb/kb sizes can be set
All about a nature happy snapper adapting new work flows to suit two newish Apps  --- haven't needed Lr5 since getting On1; but all the old photos /catalog are still in Lr5 . Someday I will migrate them cross --- you know the someday, next day, someday later :lol: 

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