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Text wrap around object not working on added pages

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I edit a local newsletter that comes out 5 times a year.   Every time I start with last edition's file and edit that into the new edition.  Hemce although I'm now using Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 (on Mac Catalina) the file was originally created about a year ago on and been touched by a number of older versions.

I'm seeing some flakiness, the latest of which is that text flow around objects works on pages that already existed but does NOT work on pages that I have added using 1.8.3.  See attached bad_text_wrap_page_example.afpub.  Page 2 already existed before editing in 1.8.3.  I added text  and so used Document add pages ... to add page 3, then set the correct master page and used the little red arrow flow symbool to flow into that new page.  On all new pages added this way, text wrap around object does not work.  In the attached example you can see Page 2 text is flowing arounf the image while page 3 text is not!

How can I recover from this situation??

(Its not in this example file but I am also getting pre-flight missing font warning when I export, but when I run the preflight tool it says all fonts are installed.)


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Select the Frame Text on page 3 and in the Text Frame panel untick "Ignore text wraps"

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