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Relative positions on facing pages in Publisher?

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I wrapping a book, and use facing pages with different inner and outer margins. Need often add/insert plus (blank) page before or after a page without master page, but textboxes not align to margins of facing pages, like use absolute positions.

How can I set relative positions for items align to margins , if goes to next pages? 🙄

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The text frames are locked from being move or resized, but you should be able to modify its contents, and link them, unless you inavertently put another master page on top, with some other invisible item preventing to select the frame.

It can happen too if there are 2 master pages with same text frames on the same area, and the frame you want is below: you can't access it and you need to check the Layers panel to understand.

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Thanks for tip, and I will check this, because I use more master pages on one page, but margins same. On master 1 use text framne, and on second use page number without frame (this good for pages too what include graphics only).

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