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Skin Art Magazine 174


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Not here for a critique as these are done and in the process of publication. Rather, it's an announcement of triumph in that this is the first large scale piece (100 pages) I created entirely in Publisher, with assists from Designer and a big BIG shout out to Photo. I've been Art Directing/designing this magazine for over 3 years and this is the first "Adobe free" issue and going forward, that will be the order of the day. I never wanted to and never did buy into the Creative Cloud (well, you don't buy, you just rent for the rest of your life).

There's still a few features that I'm sure will be added as Publisher grows but there's nothing that couldn't be worked around with ease (span columns - this is covered in other parts of the forum).

In dealing with the printer, the only glitch was the cover file. In the end I think it was the printer's automated system and I'm awaiting the technician's report as to why the cover was rejected (multiple times as I tried various solutions). While the system initially rejected each upload of the Cover file page, the printer was able to override the system, open the file, check the metadata, and insert the file into the system. I'll follow up once I receive the report.

Thank you so much Affinity for all three programs. What a relief to reach the end of the project and it worked beyond expectations. The "proof in the pudding" was the final export of the PDF files without any problems, minus the unknown of the Cover. I'd like to point out that the cover successfully exported from Publisher each time. Whatever is lurking in the file wasn't anything so significant that the printer couldn't overcome. I also want to point out that this is the first time they received a job created in Affinity Publisher.








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1 hour ago, KC Honie said:

Very nice work, congratulations!!!

Thanks. Have to say it was a kind of "leap of faith" to put my trust into Publisher and it delivered with flying colors. I had only done single pages and a few double page spreads prior to committing this issue using Publisher exclusively (meaning I didn't create a shadow version in QuarkXpress as a backup - I've been using QuarkXpress for 3 years).

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Plus, ink on women can be amazing... 😎

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