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Hello Affinity team, 


I cannot tell if this is by design or just an oversight in regards to Designer and Photo…


I am unable to add any guides to the document while any tool is selected other than the black arrow move tool.


While working and wanting to quickly throw in a guideline, I find it to be an interruption to have to switch a tool just to add a guide to a specific location, I feel like it should always be available to drag onto the canvas at (well, almost) anytime.


If a tool other than the black arrow is selected, the ability to add guides does work using the guide manager as a workaround, however using the guide manager is not nearly as fluid and can be cumbersome compared to the natural maneuver of just dragging it in where you want it.


Tested using latest builds as of July 25, 2015 


Thank you

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I believe using the "move tool" (the black arrow) to add guides is by design but many people have requested that the ability to add guides with any tool selected though. I forgot the reason for this (I remember reading it somewhere but I can't find it now) but if you search the forums you might have better luck than I did or possibly one of the Affinity team members can shed some light on it. 



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Thank you Hokusai, 


Suppose I shouldn't be surprised that other users have requested this ability to be added too.


It's one of those seemingly simple functions all of us artists take for granted from other applications, but becomes apparent when it's not there.

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