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Studio panels (AP 1.8.3)

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The OCD in me is triggered by the behavior of the various Studio Panels. Specifically, I'm frustrated with the behavior of the panels which insist on changing their height for no good reason. It drives me nuts when I click between panels in a group and the height of that group changes, changing the height of everything else in the stack. For this reason I have to find panels that don't behave this way and group them together, whether it makes sense or not. But wait, it gets worse.

Since the fixed-height panels are of different sizes, you can't dock them in the same group without the group resizing as you switch between them. Thus, you need one group for each panel, and you have to find other (resizable) panels that are useful at that size. What shall I dock with the Transform Panel?

Worse, at least one panel allows resizing when floating, but when switching to their tab in the group resizes the group anyway - I'm looking at you, Sources Panel. 

Panels have acted this way since I started with AP (1.5.x); I'm now using 1.8.3. I hope you'll find time to remove the max-height limitations.

Thanks for listening. 😊

Windows 11 Pro, XP-Pen Deco 03, AP, AD & APub

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I agree with you. I've been frustrated several times trying to keep my layers panel at the height I want, but the panels resize themselves when clicking between them until my layers panel gets so small I can only see about three layers at a time. It appears some panels are unable to be resized as well, with the cursor looking like the attached image.


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