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AP printing with ICC Printer Profiles?

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I'm trying to print using Affinity Photo to an Epson P800 printer.  


The printer software has installed ICC Profiles for different types of Epson and other papers.  But when setting up a print job I can't seem to find any way to select one of those profiles before I hit 'Print'.  I just get the standard Mac dialog box without any option to, for example, state that 'Affinity Photo Controls Colour' or to select an ICC Profile for the paper I'm using.


Also I'd love to know how 'Soft Proofing' is supposed to work with Affinity Photo.  I'd like to be able to preview a 'Soft Proof' with the correct profile and do some before/after comparison.


Can someone help?



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In the print dialogue, at the bottom, there should be a button that says "Show Details".  Click that.  There you will see a drop down list that probably has "Affinity Photo" selected.  Click on that list and choose "Colour Matching" and make sure that "ColorSync" is enabled.  You should then see a drop down list of available profiles.


Soft proofing is an adjustment layer in AP so select the top layer in your image, add a "Soft Proof" adjustment layer and you'll be prompted to choose the profile.

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Hello Coranda.


That was very useful and did exactly what you said.  I had seen that 'ColorSync' button but it was not selected and the 'Epson Color Controls' was.  I was used to using Photoshop Elements which greys out both 'ColorSync' and 'Epson Color Controls' when 'Photoshop Elements Manages Output' is selected.



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Attempting to print using Epson 3880.  When I go to "Show Details" from the "Print" command, there is no drop down menu. I switches to "Hide Details." I am unable find ICC profiles for my printer.  From the "File"  drop down menu for file, there is a selection "Import ICC File" but I have been unable to locate Epson ICC profiles.  When i execute the "Print" command I get a "Print" page and no ICC profiles.  I did attempt to locate ICC profiles for the 3880 but have been unsuccessful.  Any suggestions?





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