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Completely nuts boolean on basic shapes

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In 1.8.3 i tried to do some boolean operations over two single circles (Tried both as editable shape and converted to curves)

The results are… pretty absurd. This is super basic boolean.


I've attached the example file.

Steps: 1 - do a single circle with circle shape tool. • 2 - duplicate with Alt-drag • 3 - Do a boolean operation and wonder about the mysteries of life.

Is super weird.


I've been unable to repeat the error. It seems to only happen to the shapes currently in the example file. as soon as I create a new shape, it works well again, except with the existing circles. You can try to duplicate and perform boolean. It seems that the original circle has something incorrect in it, but can't tell you what is it. It was made directly as a simple circle and duplicated. I hope you could find some mischievous glitch on it.



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I think Compound objects in 1.8.3 may still be using the more reliable Boolean code from 1.7.3 because you can create a correct looking Compound of your circles and then use Convert To Curves to make a single Curve or Curves object.

Another workaround is to temporarily change the document's DPI (should be named PPI, but that's another story) of 300 to a lower value such as 150 or 72, with Rescale enabled to make the objects smaller in terms of document pixels, and then the Boolean operations will succeed.


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4 minutes ago, Sean P said:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the file - I've passed this on to development to be investigated. :)


No, thank to you, team.

I've been able to reproduce the issue at least a couple of times. Only happened on big 300 dpi documents, and always after starting up the application and choosing oval tool as first shape. As soon as you do any other thing, the issue stops, except for the already placed circle. Anyway, is a random issue.

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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