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Bogging down computer; cannot open AD file

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Posted (edited)

**EDITED TO ADD**  I updated to the newest version of AD right before this happened.  I had the file open really early this morning and then updated AD at 9:15.  After I was unable to open the file as I talk about below.

My computer bogs down with Affinity Designer use. I also am unable to open a file I used yesterday.  Task Manager shows my Memory and Disk space shoot through the roof as soon as I attempt to open the file.  Right now it is attempting to load the document and memory for AD is 8,761 MB and Disk ranges from 1.5-26.5 MB/s.  It has been like this for at least 10 minutes.

I'm running on the most recent update of AD.

I have cleared out all unnecessary files on disk thinking it might be conflicting with something.  

Windows did update this morning, but I have restored my computer to a restore point from a few days ago when I was certain everything was working together properly before the updates.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity Designer.  More than once.  I've done restarts and shut-downs.

I have spent 4 hours on this and I'm out of ideas. 

I am able to open other AD files except for the one I mentioned.  They open rather slowly, but they do open.  It doesn't seem to be the size of the file because I can get larger ones to open.

I've attached the file I can't open.  Any ideas?


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Hi Pinktoes71,

It looks like it was caused by the large amount of high resolution images which were used. I've deleted all of these leaving just a large set and a small set, which I've rasterised to make sure they're more of a suitable size for the document. If you copy those objects (not re-add them using File > Place) I hope it should work better for you. I've attached this document which you should now be able to open

There is an issue in with development that files take ages to load and can cause slowdown like you've seen when lots of images are used. I'll get your document passed on to development.

Hope that helps!


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Posted (edited)

Thanks a million Sean!  It opened right up.  And you made it super easy to copy and paste the images--I'll have it ready to go in no time now.  

I'm going to have to look into what you did to get my file sizes down.  I obviously didn't need such high resolution in the document but I'm not sure what is the proper way to reduce file size without losing quality. 

Anyway, I really appreciate your help!

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