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Broken Zoom Controls (AD Beta, APhoto Beta

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Have just installed the Beta updates for Designer ( and Photo ( All of the Zoom controls appear to remain broken.

  • Double-clicking the Zoom Tool *does* set the document zoom to 100%, however neither the Zoom pop-up menu nor the Zoom slider in the contextual toolbar  report the change. If one then selects the Move Tool and then the Zoom Tool, the Zoom pop-up menu will refresh and reflect the actual zoom level. On the other hand, the Zoom slider in the contextual toolbar never updates to report the actual zoom level.

  • Double-clicking the View Tool *does not* set the document zoom to “Fit”. Instead it sets the document zoom to 100%.

  • The Zoom pop-up menu and the Zoom slider in the contextual toolbar are neither synchronized with each other, nor with the Zoom Tool or the View Tool.

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@Sean P

Just downloaded the 1.8.3 RC Betas for Designer and Photo. I discovered that the zoom problems outlined above remain a problem.

In my opinion, this basic level of functionality should be addressed sooner rather than later. Maybe it's more difficult to fix than I can understand, but I imagine little bugs like these zoom behaviors and feedback would undermine new customers' confidence in the Affinity line of apps. 

Adding new features like Autotrace or Live Warp filters may be a big ask appropriate for a 2.0 release, but restoring the functionality of the zoom behaviors and feedback should be a priority even for these point releases to 1.8.x



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