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TonyB & Dave thanks for clarifying.


The support you guys provide is out of this world!


To mangage my own expectations on what the art of the possible will be with the export. i'm not sure if the following would be possible or not in the future when the you have developed your own EPS and PDF output methods?

  1. Will the layer names, groups, and ordering be as per that of the .afdesign file.
  2. If the EPS or PDF file was sent to an AI user they would be able to open the file and see the same layer names, groups, and ordering as that was designed in AD and then make any edit to the file if they required.

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I will say again though - Affinity and PSD do not have a one-to-one document format, and so any Affinity exported to PSD is going to be a best case match.   


Hi there, great product - big fan so far.

We're heavy PS users but would like to switch to AD. However since we need PSD compatibility that will preserve our editing to 100% I'd like to recommend a compatibility mode that reduces AD's feature set so it is 100% PS compatible.

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I know this is an old topic but it seems to be something I'm in need of.. I need to export to Corel Painter to apply things like (blender, smudging and some details to the work. This will be well appreciated of I could save as PSD so I can work in both Photoshop, Corel Painter and Affinity without having to export as a png which loses the specific log files. iIf theres a way that all these can be interchangeable that would be great.





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Has this issue been fully addressed as of 2017 as far as maintaining layers? I was getting the flattened image also. Thanks!


I find using the Final Cut Pro X preset gives me layers and layer naming when importing PSD files from Affinity Designer into Moho.



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