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  1. TheBoar

    Dream Gradients

    Nice set - thanks for sharing Chris!
  2. This is Great News Tony! Support for KF8 format (inc fixed layout format) for consideration on the roadmap, would be the icing on the cake!
  3. TheBoar

    Color palettes

    Thanks Paolo & TP for sharing these are great Thanks!
  4. TheBoar

    Color palettes

    Here's another palette. It is based on one from Concept Cookie http://cgcookie.com/concept/resource/color-palette-collection/ JB Full Color Palette.tiff Full Colour Palette.afpalette.zip
  5. TheBoar

    Bobby Blackbird

    @Since Time Began - Thanks for the feedback. Thinking of a few things for the next project so will look to share when done.
  6. TheBoar

    Bobby Blackbird

    @Peter @Meb @MattP Thanks for the comments!
  7. TheBoar

    Bobby Blackbird

    Hi All I thought it was about time I started being a bit more active on here and shared some of the Illustrations I have made using AD. This is one of the Illustrations I have done for The Christmas Birds series (see more of the series on https://www.behance.net/jbrett)
  8. TheBoar

    Export to PSD

    Thanks Ben & TonyB That's great news! :)
  9. TheBoar

    Export to PSD

    TonyB & Dave thanks for clarifying. The support you guys provide is out of this world! To mangage my own expectations on what the art of the possible will be with the export. i'm not sure if the following would be possible or not in the future when the you have developed your own EPS and PDF output methods? Will the layer names, groups, and ordering be as per that of the .afdesign file. If the EPS or PDF file was sent to an AI user they would be able to open the file and see the same layer names, groups, and ordering as that was designed in AD and then make any edit to the file if they required.
  10. TheBoar

    Export to PSD

    MEB Thanks for the update. I was not sure if the PSD Layered export was something that was already meant to be in place or not from reading the thread above. Great news to hear that the issues with the exporting the layers/groups across formats, etc. is being worked on. I will keep an eye out in the upcoming beta releases! To all the team at Affinity, keep up the fantastic job. AD just keeps getting better!
  11. TheBoar

    Export to PSD

    Hi Is there any update on the detailed PSD export which will export groups, raster and vector masks, stroked vector objects, layer effects, adjustment layers and clips? I ask as I have been trying to export the same file via several methods today and the PSD export is not preserving the groups and layers. Also to note there is some differences in the exported groups and layers between the following types, not sure if this is a known issue or expected? SVG = Same as .afdesign (named layers and groups, same structure ) EPS = missing named layers and groups, different structure (Not sure which version this is?) PDF = missing named layers and groups, different structure