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  1. I'm glad someone else had this issue, I thought it was just me! I bought Designer and thought.. "Let me try Photo, maybe I'll buy that one too." First test.. simple. Basic even. New Document, Flood Fill. Didn't work. Tried about 5 times, it was so frustrating!! Then I came here and saw this. Your work around worked. However, why would I buy a program that can not do the very simplest of tasks without a work around? At this time, I'm not. :wacko:
  2. Givnstar

    Export to PSD

    Excellent lead, thank you!!!
  3. Givnstar

    Export to PSD

    Has this issue been fully addressed as of 2017 as far as maintaining layers? I was getting the flattened image also. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! I am in the trial period for Affinity Designer, I forgot there were other products as well, sorry! Love all of the support in the forum and the willingness of the creators to listen to the needs of the users. Definitely buying this!
  5. While it is difficult to decide in 10 days when you work 40+ hours a week, I've figured most of it out using an Illustrator tutorial, as this is why I wanted AD. There is a company I love to buy from who has freebies and tutorials for Illustrator. I would love to do them and learn more about vectors, but $20 a month for a program you will never own goes against my grain. Affinity Designer was recommended. I love it, but for two things I can not figure out. I asked those questions in the forum. If my trial runs out, that's fine.. I was able to work through the tutorial, which touched on many parts of AD. Once my questions are answered, I'll know if I want to buy.. and then I have 14 days to return. So the trial period is do-able. Plus, AD has so many tutorials on it's own that are so much more complex, I'm going to have to have it anyway, I'm sure. Thank goodness Mother's Day is this weekend. ;)
  6. Hello! I am currently in my 10 day trial period and am pleased to see that I may not have to spend the $20 a month for Adobe Illustrator. I have been able to use most of a tutorial I had wanted to use for comparison but for a few things, such as: I need a brush pattern to distribute along a path. (Ellipse) I can't seem to figure this one out. The terminologies seem different, though, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. Also, many of the items I work with require working in Illustrator, then opening in Photoshop to complete. This is another task that I can't seem to work out correctly. These two things.. and I'm a sold customer! Can anyone help? Sidebar: I am not a numbers person. I see some people using this thing called logic with numbers and I have no desire to run calculations in the middle of a creative process. Throws a wrench in my gears, which are already fairly rusty. :) Thanks so much for any help!

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