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Is there a running feature list for the upcoming Publisher yet?

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Hi, I did Affinity Photo Beta but decided to hold off until Publisher comes out. Is there a running feature list of the initial Publisher release? I don't do books/magazines, though I have, but do want to make sure it has a few features I use for other less interesting projects (Catalogs, Business Cards, Letters) like:

  • Character Styles
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Object Anchors
  • Master Pages
  • Data Merge hopefully with multiple records per page availble (and done better than the strange InDesign implementation)
  • Advanced Find & Replace with Wild Cards, maybe even RegEx/GREP

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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There's no feature list at this point. It's still a little to soon for that. 

Affinity Publisher will be available as a public Beta by the beginning of next year.

I've appreciated Photo pitching itself at professional users of Photoshop, and hoping Publisher is going to take on InDesign in the same way. I'd love to get away from the Adobe monopoly.

if there's a public Beta coming early in 2016, I'd imagine the design must be quite far advanced by now: can you tell us anythng about what the designers of the software are planning to include?

my own interest is in multi-page, cmyk documents, with the kind of typographic control that InDesign can do at character and paragraph style level; and hoping for the kind of easy back and forth between page layout and picture editing in Publisher and Photo that Adobe manages between InDesign and Photoshop. My wish list would include precise positioning of elements using x+y co-ordinates, a baseline and document grids that page elements can snap to, and flexible and multiple master pages...

I'd appreciate any hint of how far Publisher intends to aim at the 'professional' market: what can you tell us?

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