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Outer shadow bug: Using outer shadow fx on a curve with a stroke produces visible error.


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What happens: When adding "Outer shadow" effect to a filled curve with a stroke, the outer shadow produces visible errors. It leaves tiny seams between the shadow and the curve edge.

What is expected: Using Outer shadow effect on a filled curve that has stroke added to it, should not produce visible seams even if the offset is set high.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a closed curve which is filled with color.

2. Add stroke to the curve with good amount of width and select "align stroke to outside".

3. Add "Outer shadow" effect to the filled curve and increase offset.

4. Watch the area between the curve edge and the outer shadow to see the visual error.

This was tested and reproduced in the newest Affinity Designer version 1.73.481

Windows 10 64-bit, with Radeon 7





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I have been testing this and I have the same result.

Also, I have seen another (suppose) problem with another effect: outline.

Even with a circular shape, it makes strange corners:


You can see some slightly corners.


If we zoom in:



I suppose this shouldn´t work in this way...

Thanks a lot.

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  • Staff

Hi EsaN,

Thanks for letting us know - there are a few spots when using Align Inner or Align Outer on the stroke can cause some bleeding to occur with objects and the contents below. This is with development to be fixed. I'll get your comments passed on. Thanks.

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