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Affinity Designer Pen Tool/Brush related freeze/ unable to click on any menus/tools.

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I've been having this really weird issue with Designer for a while now.

I open up the program and work fine for a bit, sometimes it seems to freeze for no reason though. It usually happens when I leave the program open for a bit to take a break or watch a tutorial/ do something else on my second screen.

Computer setup is 1 monitor via hdmi and a wacom cintiq hd 13. Using Windows 10, usual programs running would be Chrome, Discord, CoreTemp, MSI Afterburner and the usual Steam/BattleNet/League launchers.

Specs: R9 3990X cpu, 32 GB RAM @3200mhz, RTX 2070 Super, X470 Taichi motherboard, plenty of wattage provided by an EVGA 750W G3 psu

I will try to record a full session tomorrow, hopefully I catch it happening, as it sometimes does it, others it doesn't and it's very hard to replicate.

Sometimes I'm able to at least ctrl+s my work, or through the menus, other times I have to end task and hope the auto save worked.

The most consistent times i've seen it happen it when looking through my hard drives for reference images i've got saved. It also happens when browsing through pinterest for example, so no idea what's causing it.

I use the wacom exclusively to draw on, everything else is done on the main monitor. File browsing, web surfing etc.

Noteworthy, the bug has persisted through the recent update for Affinity Designer!

Anyone else having/had a similar experience? It's a shame cause i really like the program, it's just frustrating losing progress after hours of work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, I also have a similar issue with Wacom Bamboo running Windows. It sometimes starts to work again but usually have to shut the programme, which it allows me to do. Very strange.I can sometimes interact with the canvas but not menus or tools. Also having crash problems when using isometric grids but that's another story.

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