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iPad recommendation

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I'm thinking of buying an iPad as every now and then I'd like to crash on the couch to design my simple vector surface patterns. I don't want to spend a lot as I mainly work on my PC so I would like opinions on a used iPad Pro 9.7" (1st generation) vs a new iPad 10.2" (7th generation). Also, is it difficult to work in the different versions of Designer (Windows and iPad)? Thanks.

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I should go for the iPad Air (3rd generation). Works like a charm together with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

2020 MacBook Pro 13” M1 | Affinity Designer 2 | Affinity Photo 2 | Affinity Publisher 2

2019 iPad Air 3 10.5” | Affinity Designer for iPad 2 | Affinity Photo for iPad 2 | Affinity Publisher for iPad 2

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I’m still more than happy using 1st Gen 9.7” iPad Pro.

Yes the interface is different but once you have overcome the initial hurdle you will love it, get a 1st gen Apple Pencil and also consider a Logitech smart connector keyboard.


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Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 1.10 and 2.2 beta  on Windows 10 Pro.
Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher 2.2 beta on M1 iPad Pro 11” on iPadOS 17.0 beta 



The hardest link to find https://affinity.help

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Apple are probably going to announce a new iPad Pro around March, so it could pay to hold off to pick up a discounted / second hand of the previous generation. I don’t think you need to worry about the display on the iPad 7th gen - it still looks like it’s going to be good, check it out in person to be sure though. They both use the 1st generation of Apple Pencil, which isn’t as comfortable as the 2nd gen because it’s heavier and longer, which for me would be a good reason to aim for a more recent iPad Pro if you can, but it hasn’t seemed to bother other people I know so... 🤷‍♂️

However,  if your choice is between 7th gen iPad, and the  Pro 9.7 it looks like the iPad 7th gen is a better bet - it’s faster, and has a bigger display, which means less time showing/hiding menus and zooming in and out. 

It’ll take a while to get used to designer on iPad if you’re used to desktop - the UI is similar, but in different places. I find it slower to do things without a keyboard, but it’s perfectly useable without one. You can connect any Bluetooth keyboard you already have to it (I use an old Logitech k810), it has almost all of the shortcuts of the desktop. 

Hope that helps!

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22 hours ago, RocketBoots said:

I ended up purchasing the basic 7th generation. I'm completely lost as I'm a Windows/Android girl but my Apple kids can hopefully help me out. Now, if only I could figure out how to get my files in Google Drive to open in the app I'd be happy!


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